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F0RTHSP4CE is a hackerspace and a community of enthusiasts focusing on art, technology, and society.

We are always eager to learn and engage in new and challenging projects while creating events to share those experiences. But most importantly we are having a good time.

Our mission

is to develop our community for everybody interested in it. We will break walls and build bridges in the metaphorically meaning of those words, but we will literally help each other.

How to approach us

Come to visit and talk with us and see the space for yourself.
You can also come and ask for help if you believe we are the right place to solve your issue. Please ping us up front on our telegram chat, so we know you are coming.

Everyone is welcome. We know that people are different and prefer to engage in different ways, so you may visit us just to work on your project uninterrupted or sit and read a book.


are managing the space in their free time with pure enthusiasm. Our hierarchy is flat without administrators or managers.

F0RTHSP4CE is not a secret club. If you share our principles and want to become involved - do it and become a resident.


F0RTHSP4CE is organized horizontally so that we can exist only with residents’ and guests’ donations. If you want to help us:

  • drop some cash into the Donation Box
  • donate materials or instruments

This article was updated on October 9, 2022