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Basic principles of our community are:

  1. Be brilliant to each other Listen to each other’s needs and opinions.

  2. Do not oppress and do not bother Be wary of personal boundaries, be ready to make compromises.

  3. Give more than you take F0RTHSP4CE can grow only if the community makes it better. We are not a co-working per se, so we are all the ones who make the workspaces for each other.

  4. Financial independence F0RTHSP4CE is not a start-up, resident is a resident and you can’t by more voting power with donations.

  5. Do-ocracy If you want to change something, do it, but bear in mind the needs of the others.

  6. Dying is strictly forbidden Safety first. Follow the rules and help the others.

This article was updated on October 9, 2022