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Every thursday 8PM we meet to present and demo some great 3D related tools and projects.
Please follow the Telegram Chat to see what is planned for the comming week.

Past Events

8:00PM Thursday, October 6
F0RTHSP4CE, Khorava St, 18

This week we will have a Shader Session with @munrocket

Part 1: Brief introduction into WebGPU compute pipeline. Part 2: Live Coding shader art with SDFs, we will recreate the recent poster from the Nvidia presentation ( above ).

Image description

8:00PM Thursday, September 29 
F0RTHSP4CE, Khorava St, 18

@attentionkernel will give a talk about self-organizing systems, with examples in pytorch and GLSL, then we will try to code our own.

Some intro materials:

if you want to follow along with pytorch examples, Colab Pro or similar GPU-enabled environment is recommended.

This article was updated on October 9, 2022